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Retail customers can place an order directly on our website. Wholesale accounts need to fill out the wholesale form and we’ll contact you.
You can contact us by email, phone or via our website. We are pleased to answer any questions you may have or help assist in placing your order. You can also call us at 352-622-6397. You might reach The Candyman.
First, hemp extracted CBD doesn’t always have the best taste. Therefore adding this layer of flavor creates an immediate masking. Second, it ensures that the jelly beans don’t stick together in humid conditions. The hemp extracted CBD is not in the powder, but rather inside the jelly beans.
David loves to speak to everyone! Give him at a call at 352-622-6397 or email him at SpectrumConfections@gmail.com.
Our products have hemp in isolate form. The CBD is C02 extracted and the THC and other terpenes go through a removal process. This does not mean they all are removed. There still are trace amounts in all CBD. So even if our 3rd party tested lab test states that THC is non detectable, that doesn’t mean you can’t fail a drug test for THC.