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Product Info

We test each recipe with our lab to ensure that the correct amount of hemp extracted CBD is added to each piece. We are a USA company who prides ourselves in having products that can be trusted as well as have the best flavor profile on the market. We know and love confections! We sell in bulk, and offer white labeling.

The inventor of Jelly Belly® jelly beans,

David Klein,
brings you his gourmet Spectrum® jelly beans infused with hemp extracted CBD

Spectrum® Jelly Beans

Our Spectrum® jelly beans are fully infused and have 38 assorted flavors.

We have a Sugar Free 7 Flavor Assortment of Spectrum® jelly beans

Whenever possible we use all natural flavorings. Another consumer interest is that many people are not wanting gelatin because it’s made from animal products. Our Spectrum® jelly beans are gelatin free.

We make our Spectrum® jelly beans in small batches. This is to ensure we can control quality and consistency. We also add a sweet coating on the outside to help mask the flavor. Please contact us today if you would like to make a purchase for white label or bulk

A David Klein Documentary

In 1976 David Klein invented Jelly Belly® jelly beans. You can watch his documentary on YouTube for free on our About Us page.

David Klein brings you his amazingly tasty confections with his patent pending formulation that gives each piece a flavorful way to get your hemp extracted CBD.

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James Corden on the Late Late Show talking about David's newest creation.

Disclaimer: We don’t currently have any THC products. Our products use Hemp. Never the less, we found this clip very funny and wanted to share with everyone.